Why Professional Food Photography is the Key Part of Restaurant Branding

Food Photography

food photographer

It’s rather interesting to see how often restaurants settle for bad food photography to market themselves.

Over the last decade, this has become more and more prevalent. I think this has been driven to a large degree by camera phones, social media and the ever pressing “need” to post something every day…. or so we think.

This is coupled with the fact that those taking the smart phone photos aren’t professionals. They don’t know how to light the food, or to style it to look the most appetizing it can. What looks attractive served on the table and what looks attractive in a picture are not always the same things. There are also the limitations of the “camera.” An iPhone is 100% dependent on the existing conditions being perfect.  That seldom happens in the real world. You can’t adjust exposure. You can’t change the depth of field (amount and part of the image that is in sharp focus). Nor can you trigger a set of studio lights with it. It’s not a professional tool and it won’t give professional results no matter how much money Apple spends on marketing saying how great it is. It’s great for amateurs. Not professional work.

We live in an increasingly visual world. Nothing will harm your business more than bad food photos. If it doesn’t look amazingly delicious in the photos, the clients won’t come in. Period.

Likewise, the reverse is true. Professional food photography makes people stop, look and can even make them feel hungry. They want what they are seeing in the photo. A major advertising agency once wrote “the restaurants that have invested in professional food photography have never regretted that decision.”

The top earning food blogger in the country once wrote: “when we started using professional food photography, our site traffic went from 50 views per day to 5000 views per day almost overnight.” They still continue to put out top quality professional food photography and video on their posts and today they are seeing over 3 million visitors per month. Not bad for a blogger, is it?

The bottom line is, if you want more customers, increase the quality of your food photography and videography and get it seen. You’ll have to start running a waiting list for tables if you do!

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