Effective Restaurant Marketing Tools: Recipe Videos

LA food photographer

LA food photographer


One of the most effective and overlooked marketing tools for restaurants are recipe videos. There are several ways posting recipes and recipe videos can increase your exposure and drive hungry customers to your restaurant.

We’ll look at the branding aspect first.  You take care to serve dishes that are special in one way or the other.  This is the place to flaunt your strong points.  This could be the use of all organic ingredients, or having truly authentic Italian recipes, or maybe you’re the restaurant creating the trends before they before they become trends.

restaurant marketingThis is where you show people why you shine.  The video itself can vary from the popular short one or two minute videos generally shot from overhead showing the steps of cooking the recipe with the ingredients names along the way.  Or it can be an actual cooking show where your chef prepares the meal on camera.  It’s where you can really establish your brand and stand out.

Recipe videos are also highly effective in driving traffic to your restaurant website.  In fact, just blogging your recipes without video will drive more traffic to your site.  Recipes are one of the top searched for items on Google.  So much so that Google has created a special set of requirements for recipe websites and savvy developers have developed applications to comply with them.  As recipes drive more traffic to your website, more people learn about your restaurant and want to dine there.  The added traffic also causes Google to view you as more popular and they will give you a resulting boost in your rankings.  All of this equals more customers.

By adding video to the recipe you add another dimension to your internet reach.  A video will be hosted on a YouTube channel.  YouTube is the second largest “search engine” in the world.  This doubles your exposure on the internet.  The videos all link back to your main website and the YouTube videos also post seamlessly to your recipe blog on your website, creating more views on your YouTube channel

It doesn’t stop there.  The same video can also be posted on Daily Motion and a number of other video hosting platforms at no additional cost.  Shorter videos can be posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all of which link back to your restaurant site.

One key point here.  The recipes and videos are part of your branding.  Quality makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of the marketing reach.  This is no place for iPhone photos and video. Barilla pasta uses video extensively in their marketing with varying levels of production values in them.  You will notice on their YouTube channel a direct relationship between the quality of the video and the view count.  For example, this Barilla video has racked up 44 million views in just 4 months!

This doesn’t mean you need a full Hollywood production film crew either.  But it is well worth hiring a professional photographer/videographer to do the work.  Your bank account will thank you for it.

Contact us for more information on using recipe videos to market your restaurant.  We can help you every step of the way from planning, to photography, videography and all the technicalities of getting it up on your website, YouTube and all of the social media channels.  We tailor our service to give you as much or as little as you need to do the job right.

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