Restaurant Marketing Tip: Throw a Party

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In the many years that we’ve been working as food photographers for restaurants, we’ve also worked with some of them in their marketing.  In a very hands on way.

Rather than discuss how important high quality professional food photography is for your restaurant marketing (you already know that!), or about the virtues of social media (everyone else is telling you that), we thought we would present some new ideas.

A mantra in network marketing is that it isn’t how many contacts you have but also how many contacts each of their contacts have.  Then you use them to reach out to their contacts to expand your own.  The numbers become exponential.

One of our long standing restaurant clients was big on parties.  She would schedule them on slow nights and hold them in the back room.  The invite list would include friends, business associates and all of them were expected to bring their friends and associates too.

restaurant marketingThere was a buffet set up with some of her newest dishes to enjoy.  Plenty to drink and lots of fun.  Guests would also sign an email sign up sheet and there was a bowl for people to place their business cards in.  Each of her parties got bigger and her restaurants are thriving!

Try it out.  Throw your own party.  Invite everyone you know and tell them they all have too bring a plus one or plus five!  Build your email list and most of all be sure to get plenty of professional photos.

The photos should be of both the people having fun, and the buffet of food.  A good food photographer or event photographer can bring in small off camera flash units to make sure the food is lit well without a set up so large that it disrupts your party.

The photos will be priceless in terms of expanding your client base.  Both the food and people photos can be used on social media.  The people photos have the added advantage that they can be tagged to appear on the timelines of the people in them and reach even more of their friends.

Contact us for more information about how this could help your restaurant gain new customers.  And of course we also would like to discuss how we can help you with professional Los Angeles food photography that makes people hungry for your food.

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