Restaurant Marketing Tip: Celebrate Food Holidays

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One of the most overlooked ways to promote your restaurant is to celebrate the numerous National Food Holidays.

Most restaurants think to have specials to celebrate Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and some of the other well known holidays.  But there are so many more.

Some examples of the National Food Holidays you can run promotions around include National Ice Cream Day, National Chili Day, National Banana Cream Pie Day, National Pancake Day and more.  Almost every day of the year is a holiday to celebrate some food item.

Take some time to review a National Food Holidays calendar and see which foods best fit your menu and then create a special to go with the holiday.  Get some great professional food photography taken of the mouthwatering dishes you plan to serve to celebrate it and launch a promotion on social media and send it out to your email list.  Be creative in your promotions.  For example, offer a free cupcake for dessert with any meal purchase on National Cupcake Day.  If you serve pancakes, offer free pancakes for children under a certain age when two adults buy meals.

Plan these out weeks in advance.  Get your food photography done and make attractive marketing pieces for your social media and start taking it up well in advance of the day.  Also be sure to create a press release and send it out to all of the city and foodie blogs in your area telling them about the great promotion.  Be sure to include great food photos of the dishes you’ll be serving so they will have everything they need to talk you up.

Be sure to contact us for professional food photography for your LA restaurant.  See our food photography portfolio read how we can save you money by photographing your food in your restaurant instead of in a photo studio with a commercial kitchen!

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