Drive Customers to Your Restaurant With Pro Food Photography

LA food photographer

The secret to getting more customers is to use a professional food photographer to photograph your menu items and restaurant.

We not only create food photography and videography that brings customers to you, we have evolved a way to make it much more affordable!

Today there is a tendency to snap photos of whatever is on the table with a smart phone and put it up on Instagram and call your marketing done. Or to rely on customers doing the same. While that does get your name out there, it can work against you and your branding. Many of these photos make your food look anything other than appetizing.

We live in an increasingly visual world. Nothing will harm your business more than bad food photos. If the food doesn’t look utterly mouthwatering in the photos, the clients won’t come in. Period.

Likewise, the reverse is true. You have probably had the experience of seeing a photo of some delicious treat and suddenly feeling hungry. Professional food photography makes people stop, look and can even make them feel hungry. A major advertising agency once wrote “the restaurants that have invested in professional food photography have never regretted that decision.”

Also the top earning recipe blogger in the country once wrote: “when we started using professional food photography, our site traffic went from 50 views per day to 5000 views per day almost overnight.” They still continue to put out top quality professional food photography and video on their posts and today they are seeing over 3 million visitors per month. Not bad for a blogger, is it?

How We Save You Money On Food Photography

Over the years we learned that it is much more efficient to do food photography for restaurants in the restaurant and not a studio. There are a number of reasons for this.

The first is that by photographing the food in your restaurant, the food is prepared by your chef and served the way your restaurant serves it. When food is being photographed, there can be some minor differences in how it is plated etc that will make it look better in photos, but we will work with your chef on any of the fine points.

This saves a considerable amount of money in not having to pay someone to shop for, cook and style the food in a studio. We’re able to photograph a lot more of your menu items in less time.

Working in your restaurant we are also able to expand the variety of shots. There can be very close up photos of the dishes to show the texture and detail of the food. But we can easily take wider shots of the same dish that bring in the ambience of the setting… that is your restaurant. The shot list can easily be expanded to have photos of your chef preparing the food, or your wait staff serving the food, interacting with customers etc.

When working in your restaurant, we work with you to plan not only what we will be shooting and how, but we work around your busy times to do our work when the restaurant is slow. Contact us for more info on how we can help you get more business.

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