Pro Food Photography At Your Restaurant – Case Study

Food Photographer
Pro food photographer

The best way to get customers flocking to your restaurant is to show them how delicious your food is with professional food photography. And the best place to photograph your food is in your restaurant, not a studio.

The benefit of professional food photography in your marketing can’t be stressed enough. A major ad agency is on record saying that their clients that have invested in professional food photography have never regretted it. And the top food blogger in the United States said that when they started using pro food photography their blog traffic went from 50 views per day to 5000 views per day almost overnight. That soon grew to several million views per month resulting in an income of around $80K per month. That’s not bad for a blogger.

The food photos in this post are ones we took working with a restaurant called The Grubbery.

These were all photographed in our client’s restaurant using professional cameras, lighting and equipment. We scheduled the photoshoot to happen in the off hours after then lunch rush was over and before the dinner rush began.

We set up in a part of the restaurant where customers would not have to walk past the set to be seated, and where we had both good lighting and views of the interior of the restaurant. The photos are a mix of close-ups of the dishes for the menu and wider shots allowing some of the setting to be seen for use on social media and their website.

For restaurants, there isn’t a better way to go than to have the photography done in the restaurant itself. The cost savings is significant as it eliminates the cost of renting a photo studio with a professional kitchen. Your chef can prepare the meals without having to leave the premises.

But perhaps the biggest advantage is that when we are in your restaurant we can include it in the photographs. This can be simply composing wider shots where the setting is included with the food, or we can include photos that focus entirely on the interior/exterior and shots that show interactions between your staff and customers (note, these need to be either models or customers that have agreed to be photographed in advance).

Contact us for more information on how we can help you with your Los Angeles restaurant food photography. Be sure to ask us about our video capabilities too.

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