Two Different Treatments for Social Media Video

Food videography

This is a short social media video I created using stop motion animation for Instagram.

Stop motion animations have the ability to grab and hold attention better than a still photo when a user is scrolling down their feed. You can also tell a story to some degree with stop motion.

The one drawback when creating video for Instagram is the platform favors a square crop, while video players are normally in a 16:9 aspect ratio. If a video that doesn’t fit that format is uploaded, the player will fill in the blank space using what is called a “letterbox” – that is filling in the unused space in the video player with black.

The solutions to this are to just let the letterbox be there, film two different versions, compose it so it will look good at the full aspect ratio and also look good when cropped down to the Instagram square, or do what we did in the example above: fill the background with a larger, blurred version of the same video (or actually any moving background that would compliment the main video).

We have posted both the blurred background version and the letterbox version for you to see. On Instagram, only the square portion in the center would be seen.

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