Food Photographer

We’ve been creating professional food photography for the food services industry for almost two decades.  During that time we’ve learned a thing or two about how to create images that make people hungry for the food you prepare.

Gourmet Food Photography for Los Angeles Restaurants

Over the years we’ve learned that it’s usually best to photograph foods for restaurants in the actual restaurant.  Since we are highlighting the foods prepared by your chef, it’s a mistake to have someone else prepare it!

It also results in a significant cost savings on your food photoshoot.  Shooting in your restaurant eliminates the need of using a studio with a commercial kitchen and the disruption of having to have some of your staff present in a different location.

This allows us to shoot a wider variety of photos for your marketing.  We can shoot closeup, high angle shots of just the food.  We can also include food photos that show the dish, properly lit and styled, in the foreground and the ambiance of your establishment in the background.

We bring in the lighting, gear, props and our own special little kit of things we use to make the food look more appetizing in photos.  We setup in a way to create minimal disruption of your business.

Food Lifestyle Photoshoots

In advertising campaigns, it’s often useful to include shots of people having a good time dining in your restaurant.  This is sometimes referred to as restaurant lifestyle photography.  We have extensive experience working with models and shooting/lighting interior spaces. If you are interested in this type of food photography, we can direct you to another of our websites where our work with models is displayed.

The type of image and composition best suited depends on where the photography will be used.  On your website images of people in your establishment enjoying your food give them a reason to come in.  Close up shots of the dishes that show the background of your restaurant are also inviting.  Menu photos are often best composed with the entire focus of the image on the food itself.  Both types are used as assets to accompany press releases sent out to encourage local media and bloggers to write about your establishment.  Potential customers want to see where they are eating as much as what they are eating.

We work with top level professional level cameras, lenses and lighting and provide you with flawless high resolution images suitable for print publication.  We also optimize the images for electronic display.

Food Videography

In a world where most images are viewed on electronic devices, video has become a highly effective tool for attracting attention and bringing in customers.  We do video treatments ranging from short recipe videos or short social media videos, to more elaborate videos that show the full dining experience.

We work with you to get you the marketing images you need at a price you can afford.  Contact us to discuss your needs and we can help you work out photography and/or video that will fit within your budget.  Please give us as much information about what your needs are and what you want to accomplish with the images as possible.

The dishes below were both photographed in the same restaurant during the same photoshoot.  In one we shot a closeup of the food.  In the other we shot from a lower angle to include some of the restaurant environment in the shot.  Studio lighting was used in both to properly illuminate the food and bring out texture in it with highlight and shadow.  Using camera settings the exposure was set to allow enough ambient light in to balance the background exposure.