Los Angeles Food Photographer Portfolio

Professional Los Angeles food photographer creating mouthwatering food photography for LA restaurants, chefs and the food industry that get you more customers!

Ask Us About Social Media Video Production for Restaurants

Social media video is one of the most cost effective ways to market your restaurant.  In a short 15 to 60 second video viewers can experience the ambiance of your restaurant and practically taste your food.  Be sure to ask us for more information on social media video production and if it is the right tool for you.

Social Media marketing video for a neighborhood store and butcher shop with a weekly open air outdoor barbecue.

Stop motion animation gets noticed on social media. It’ the perfect tool to get more clients for your restaurant or brand.

Short social media marketing video for Chobani Greek Yogury. Note: Chobani is not our client. This was a video done to test a concept.
Short social media marketing video that shows an example of how to deal with taking the square crop ratio used by Instagram and making it work in normal video players. See our post on this.

Using stop motion animation to make an attention grabbing marketing video for social media. Note, Nature Valley is not our client… yet.

Stop motion animation video are a very effective tool for making your food or product stand out on social media feeds.